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  • Deeper Than the Stain Has Gone

    Author: Adger McDavid Pace, 1882-1959

    Composer: Adapted from "Life is Like a Mountain Railroad."

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    The words and music are in the public domain.

    1. Dark the stain that soiled man's nature,
    ong the distance that he fell.
    Far re-moved from hope and heav-en,
    Into deep despair and hell.
    But there was a fountain opened,
    And the blood of God's own Son,
    Purifies the sould and reaches
    Deeper than the stain has gone!


    Praise the Lord for full salvation,
    God still reigns upon His throne.
    And I know the blood still reaches
    eep-er than the stain has gone.

    2. Conscious of the deep pollution,
    Sinners wander in the night,
    Tho' they hear the Shepherd calling,
    They still fear to face the light.
    This the blessed consolation,
    That can melt the heart of stone,
    That sweet Balm of Gilead reaches
    Deep-er than the stain has gone!

    3. All unworthy we who've wandered,
    And our eyes are wet with tears;
    As we think of love that sought us
    Through the weary wasted years.
    Yet we walk the holy highway,
    Walking by God's grace alone
    Knowing Calv'ry's fountain reaches
    Deeper than the stain has gone!

    4. When with holy choirs we're standing
    In the presence of the King,
    And our souls are lost in wonder,
    While the white robed choirs sing;
    Then we'll praise the name of Jesus,
    With the millions round the throne;
    Praise Him for the pow'r that reaches,
    Deeper than the stain has gone!