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  • The Mountains of the Lord

    So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, "On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided."
    Genesis 22.14

     There are only two locations which the Scriptures call the mountain of the Lord.  One is in the wilderness between Egypt and Israel; the place of unbelief, restlessness and judgment.  There God met with the Israelites on Mount Sinai, and that place was called, “The Mountain of the Lord.” (Numbers 10.33)  It is referred to by that name only this one time, and at that time it is recorded, “…they departed from the mount of the Lord.”  Concerning this mountain, it could have been said, “On the Mountain of the Lord it will be demanded.” 

     All other references to the mount of the Lord signify Mount Moriah, to which Abraham went to offer Isaac.  It is also the mount on which the Temple was later built, and it was not far from there that our Lord was offered for our sin.  This mountain is inside Israel, the land of faith, rest, and blessing.   Here, the Substitute, Jesus Christ, was revealed in type and picture by Abraham’s offering of the ram instead of Isaac and by all the sacrifices of the Temple later built there.  Of this mountain it is said, “In the Mountain if the Lord, IT WILL BE PROVIDED!”  Both the law and the gospel are of the Lord and can be called “Mountains of the Lord.”  But what a difference there is between these two: the one demands, the other provides!